CV Writing Tips

Having a well written CV is essential if you are to stand out from the rest and catch the attention of potential employers. Below we’ve provided some effective CV writing tips that will help you get the attention of an employer to get to the interview stage:

What information should a CV contain?


The basic set of information is as follows:


  • Your name.
  • Your address.
  • Contact number.
  • Your email address (if possible).
  • Profile - including your key skills and strengths and why you would be suited to the position. The profile section is where you can sell yourself!
  • Your employment history, current or most recent position first.
  • Your education history, most recent first.



What information should be left out?



  • Any negatives, or any sort of failure eg. exams, marriages, business etc.
  • Photos - unless you are a model, actor, actress, air cabin crew or something of this nature you do not normally include photos of yourself.
  • Reasons for leaving each job.
  • Salary expectation - this could be used to reject your application. If an advertisement or application specifically requests this information then include it within your covering letter.
  • Leave out age, include date of birth instead. Also leave out weight, height, health or any other personal information that is irrelevant to your application.
  • Patterns or fancy borders - these can detract from your presentation.
  • Title pages, binders and folders are usually unnecessary and can put people off.
  • Do not use poor quality photocopies of your CV - it could be interpreted that you have been sending off many CV's and are not concerned who you work for.
  • Do not use coloured paper as your CV may be faxed, photocopied and scanned several times and therefore defeat any attempts at trying to be different.

Once you have decided on the best template/format you can sit down to write your CV. Before you actually start writing your CV, spend some time planning and thinking how you'll present yourself. Look for a clear career objective and why do you want a particular job. Based on the outline start writing the CV.

Consider writing your CV in bullet format rather than long and boring paragraphs.

Thoroughly review, edit and proofread your CV. There should be no grammatical errors or typos in the CV. These may sound like small issues to you but an employer may get the impression that you are careless and may question your ability to carry out any task.

Before you are all set to post your CV get someone else to read it and point out the mistakes if any. This can help you catch simple errors and even add certain things that you probably would have missed.

What not to include

Date of Birth
National Insurance Number
Driving Licence Number
NHS Number
Passport Number
Bank Details
Credit Card Details

This information would not be required by anyone that is considering your suitability for a role.

With these simple tips we are sure that you will be able to write a powerful CV and attract your potential employers.

For more helpful hints and tips on CV building or where to look for work please check out the links below

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